Essay on workers participation in an it industry

Trade union politicization and multiplicity militate against the spirit of participation. Formulating schemes specifying detailed criteria regarding the nomination of representatives from workers. The workers want to feel important in the organisation. The term of shop council will be two years.

Awarding of rewards for valuable and creative suggestions received from workers. In Port Trust too, representative of workers were appointed Trustees of Commissioners.

Socio- political objectives put forward the principles of democratic self-government within the economy on the ground that since in a democratic system workers have the same political rights as other citizen, it seems odd that they should not be entitled to a say, within the undertakings where they are employed, in decisions which directly concern them.

The management takes participation as a means of effective use of human resources; trade unions consider it as a means of extending their power and influence on the management; the government views it as a panacea for solving industrial relation problems; the academicians consider it as a means for close involvement of the workers with the enterprise and the decisions which directly affect them; while others regard it as a countervailing weight to the managerial power.

In essence, participative management is recognized as a source of organizational effectiveness. The Industrial Revolution resulted in class conflict and alienation of interest with serious repercussions on the industrial relations.

Essay on Workers’ Participation in Organisational Management

Employee Director is a lone person in the board and his suggestions may be overruled by the majority. Management and labor were increasingly recognized as interdependent groups rather than opponents of each other.

As technology grew in complexity and large corporations came into existence, industry remained no longer in the hands of capitalism; industrial organization was taken over by professional managers. The advent of democracy brought in the concept of social justice according to which an industry exists for production of goods and services required for the community and the maximization of profit was relegated to the background.

He wanted a reformation of the new order under which all production was to be socially organized and capital made servant of the social labor.

Extend the coverage of the scheme to all corporate establishments.

The response to Works Committees was encouraging in the beginning uptothe number of such committees rose to Provide for rules for monitoring the programme. The term of the council will be two years. They should regard themselves trustees. When workers are a part of decisions making body and it introduces any change, it will be easily accepted by them.

The main features of a joint council are: It aims at a democratic egalitarian distribution of influence, not sharing authority or power. There should also be a feeling of participation at all levels. The workers have considerable interest in these decisions.

Participation should be a continuous process. They generally possess some views and suggestions relating to their work and have a desire to put them before the management. He seeks satisfaction and meaning in that working life just as he does in his life as a citizen.

The Clayton Act of boldly declared that labor was not a commodity or an article of commerce and thus gave it due recognition.

The following are some of the forms of labour participation in management: The decisions of the council will be based on consensus and not on voting. This variation may be related to the labour management pattern, areas in which participation is sought, differences in management.

Though the works committee has the right to send two of its representative to attend the meeting of the Board of Directors, these members do not have any voting rights. The workers can influence the process of decision making.Free Essay: What are your suggestions for making workers participation more effective in an IT industry?

Ans: The concept of employee participation and. Free Essay: Workers’ Participation in Management Workers’ participation in management is an essential ingredient of Industrial democracy. The concept of.

Essay on Workers’ Participation in Management

In the words of Dr. Mhatras, the concepts of workers’ participation is, “a principle of democratic administration of industry, sharing the decision making power by the ranks of an industrial organisation, through their proper representatives, at all appropriate levels of management, in the entire range of managerial action.” The essence of labour.

Introduction Workers Participation In Management Management Essay. Print Reference Workers participation in management seeks to bridge this gap authorizing workers to take part in the managerial process.

Giving employees a better understanding of their role in the working of industry and process of production. Satisfying the worker’s. Here is an essay on ‘Workers’ Participation in Management’ for class 11 and Find paragraphs, long and short essays on ‘Workers’ Participation in Management’ especially written for school and college students.

What are your suggestions for making workers participation more effective in an IT industry? Ans: The concept of employee participation and involvement has seen a growing interest from different scholars and Human resource management. Many organizations face the challenges of managing and empowering their employees to .

Essay on workers participation in an it industry
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