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Strategies for planning and implementing curricula appropriate to junior and senior high school. The Classroom Learning Environment: General Core liberal arts and science course work requirements.

Course work in the content core must be completed at a regionally accredited college offering a degree in the content area. College Coursework College coursework is study taken for college credit, completed at or transferred to a degree-granting institution of higher education approved by the New York State Commissioner of Education Education coursework a regional accrediting agency.

If the course Education coursework need is part of a specialized pedagogical core e.


The college must have an approved teacher education program leading to the certificate in that specialized pedagogical core area e. Math A or Math B and, either passing score on CSET exams or be within 3 courses of completing subject matter preparation program, or instructor consent.

May be repeated once. Geometry, algebra and calculus are examples of pure mathematics and would be acceptable; accounting and finance are applied mathematics and would not be acceptable. The following ia an example of a requirement description for mathematics: General core course work must be completed at a regionally accredited college.

See Phase II Student Teaching instructors for the scheduling information for these informal seminars. Content linking pedagogy courses, which train a teacher how to teach their content area, are not acceptable for all classroom teaching certificates except for education technology specialist.

Steps for selecting an appropriate course Step 1. Analytical Chemistry, Botany, Igneous Geology, and Quantum physics are pure sciences and would be acceptable.

Theories, organization, methods and materials for teaching health education. Coursework falls into one of three categories: In class experience ranging from observation to classroom teaching.

Master of Education (Coursework)

Coursework must be offered for degree credit by the college, whether or not you obtain the degree. Through the process of critical reflection on their field experiences, they are encouraged to develop a broad view of "classroom management," and define an individual approach to building a positive learning environment for all students.

Examples of pedagogical courses that would be unacceptable as content core courses include: Look for additional information in the requirement description. You must receive a minimum grade of C B- if graduate for courses in the content core.Coursework The four-year Bachelor of Science in Special Education Degree consists of semester hours of courses (not including remedial coursework or the two required semesters of college-level Foreign Language coursework), field experiences, and two student teaching internships.

At DeVry University, we offer online education and college course options in business, tech and health at the undergraduate certificate, associate and bachelor's degree program levels – all with the same quality education available as in our on-campus programs. Continuing education for teachers courses are not intended to apply to degree programs at University of Phoenix.

Secondary Education

These courses are not eligible for federal financial aid. While widely available, not all courses are available in all locations or in both online and on-campus formats.

Continuing Education courses for Physical Therapists and Physical Therapist Assistants

Education courses are designed for individuals seeking to enhance their professional credentials in the field of education. Whether the eventual aim is to become a teacher, supervisor, administrator, consultant or other education-related professional, Education courses can build critical knowledge and skills.

This three-semester coursework degree is designed to provide the education profession and the community in general with leaders capable of addressing critical issues in educational practice, policy and research. Education Courses at Ashford University Education is the key to societal evolution, and in today’s academic and business climate, education professionals are in high demand.

These courses are the core of Ashford University’s College of Education, including the Bachelor of Arts in Education Studies, Bachelor of Arts in Instructional Design.

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Education coursework
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